The Gardians

The Gardians. Educating the Upper Hutt community on how to care for their natural environment. Desktop Research / Visual Identity / Campaign Design / Digital Collateral

Kōwhai Bird Feeder

Kōwhai Bird Feeder. “I was so taken aback! Did not expect it and have never received anything like that before. Was really impressed!” Desktop Research / Structural Design / Illustration / Production


Foodstuffs. “Whatever we need, Baseline does. They always more than meet the mark with the high quality of the production, and everything arriving in over 140 New World stores on time, having been properly packaged, tracked and traced.” Discovery / Design / Production / Delivery


Homeland. “Baseline developed the Homeland Identity taking inspiration from the New Zealand and Pacific food heritage and whakatauki that sits at Homeland’s spiritual centre. We felt very reassured by the rigour of Baseline’s brand audit process, and their confidence in presenting an identity that speaks for itself. They moved quickly and we and our customers […]


Frenchmaid. “Baseline developed the full rebrand of our main foodservice brand Frenchmaid. They have great strategy and marketing expertise and are very professional. The external vision was great support for us to understand the new purpose, positioning, and equity of our brand, creating our strategy for the future.” Research Analysis / Brand Audit / Interviews […]

eg. Chicken Sheds

eg. Chicken Sheds. Our gate’s always open. Desktop Research / Creative Brief / Structural Design 

Good Guise

Good Guise. “Thank you for doing a good job, taking care of us and helping to bring Good Guise to life” Brand Audit / Interviews / Purpose & Positioning / Brand Identity / Packaging / Digital / Collateral


eg. Eg. are setting the new standard when it comes to egg production in New Zealand. Research Analysis / Brand Audit / Interviews / Brand Workshops / Brand Identity / Art Direction / Packaging


Farrahs. “We wanted to create a unique influencer kit to highlight the return of the family favourite, the Garlic Butter Wrap and knew that Baseline would come up with a creative idea. Baseline have produced a variety of kits for us in the past but this one is our favourite so far!” Discovery / Design […]

Hey Nay

Hay Nay. “It was great fun to be involved in the development of my own ecommerce brand. From interviews to naming, design to implementation, the design team was committed and curious – and focused on getting it right. I’m thrilled with the results including the stunning photography on my property. We’re looking forward to taking […]