Beer and Cider Awards

Creative partnership ensures fresh face for annual beer and cider awards. BY RACHEL TOUHEY, MARKETING MANAGER BEER & WINE – FOODSTUFFS Running any annual event puts on the pressure to come up with new and eye-catching ideas. The New World Beer and Cider Awards marketing manager, Rachel Touhey, shares her experience of working with Baseline […]

Merry New World Christmas

Merry New World Christmas New World Christmas is one of our largest production projects on the yearly calendar. Planning must commence early as the seamless symphony of Client Service Manager Candice and Head of Production, Sam, is what makes this project sing. Concept Design & Copywriting / Structural & Prototyping / Large Scale Logistics Meri […]

Purpose Guides 
Good Decisions

Purpose guides good decisions BY STEPHANIE GASPERINI, CHIEF EXECUTIVE Knowing its purpose – or the ‘why’ behind a business doing what it does – is a critical piece of the puzzle at the heart of any successful organisation. Everything comes back to purpose and values After two decades of leadership positions in brand strategy, design, […]

A Bespoke Brewary

A bespoke brewery. BY RUBEN NORRIS, STRUCTURAL DESIGNER Brewery Tuatara needed a branded tasting table that could be set up, packed down and transported, with ease-of-use and environmental sustainability as key requirements. A tasting test I love a puzzle – especially puzzles that require me to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing object that fits a […]

For the Love of Horses

BY KIMBERLEY ZHOU, DESIGNER Drawing on the love people have for their horses, and the desire to create a like-minded community, Baseline has designed the identity of an online marketplace for horse-lovers to meet and connect, sharing advice and horse-related goods. Concept Design & Copywriting / Structural & Prototyping / Large Scale Logistics Catching an […]

Art of Unboxing

The best of unboxing. BY KIM WORTHY AND RUBEN NORRIS With “unboxing” videos sweeping social media, customers clearly love a clever box. Baseline works with clients to design bespoke boxes that are as much of the story as the product. An out-of-the-box box “…to make a box itself part of the brand experience.” “…to make […]

Refold Desk Demand

BY FRASER CALLAWAY, REFOLD CO-FOUNDERWhen the lockdown forced workers home, demand for Refold desks skyrocketed – right when production of the sturdy cardboard desks was most difficult. One of Refold’s founders, Fraser Callaway, shares his experience of working with Baseline to meet demand. A design pivot to meet demand. We didn’t set out to design […]

Through a designer’s eye

BY MOANA WILLIAMS, DESIGNER After years of study and hard work, it’s every creative’s dream to work with a talented team at an end-to-end design agency. For Moana Williams, it was her reality. Moana shares what it was like to join Baseline as a graduate, and the joy of being fully immersed in the Good […]